Thursday, July 19, 2018

Fine-Tuning Individual Franchise Locations for Success

Capitalizing on experience in guiding a restaurant group that expanded to more than 200 franchise units, Jason LeVecke provides personalized, results-focused consulting solutions. Based in Arizona, Jason LeVecke offers guidance to investors seeking to build up a robust entrepreneurial presence.

The ideal prospective franchise owner is one who has an appetite for hard work and the ability to see projects through to successful execution. The franchise network provides an already recognizable brand and offers support in many aspects of operations, but it does not accomplish the task of building up a location-specific market and customer base.

One common belief is that simply by opening the doors of a recognized brand, customers will come. This is rarely the case, as consumers already have habits in place as to where they shop and dine, and it can take time to learn about a new location and integrate that into routines.

Ensuring that those customers who come through the door will have the type of experience that keeps them coming back and generates positive word of mouth takes time and a team effort between franchisor and franchisee. Without a strong management team at the local level, even the most recognized brand can fail to generate expected returns. In turn even the the strongest management team can fail when faced with a poor corporate culture or brand leadership. Key attributes of the successful franchise include good product, strong franchisor leadership and the ability to motivate and retain workers and provide a level of service and quality that is consistent with the overall brand.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The American Legion’s 100th National Convention in Minneapolis

A seasoned senior executive experienced in leading a large and diverse workforce, Jason LeVecke serves as managing director of BIIC Solutions. Based in California and Arizona, the firm provides a broad array of advisory services to business, nonprofit, and government entities. Jason LeVecke is a military veteran and lifetime member of The American Legion.

A patriotic veterans organization, The American Legion was chartered by the U.S. Congress in 1919. It is the United States’ largest veterans organization and among the most persuasive nonprofits in the country, having influenced significant social change and established major programs for youth and children. The Legion will be holding its 100th National Convention on August 24-30, 2018, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where the organization held its first national convention.

Aside from the conduct of official business, including the annual election of new national leaders, a color guard and band contest, and workshops and training sessions, it will also host the launching of the group’s 15-month Centennial Celebration through momentous exhibits, events, and activities. The venue will be the Minneapolis Convention Center. For more information, visit

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Advantages and Trade-Offs Involved in Franchise Operations

Jason LeVecke, a well-established business consultant, has engaged with diverse businesses and nonprofits in designing growth strategies. Experienced in infrastructure development and contract and lease negotiations, Jason LeVecke has particular knowledge of franchise strategies.

The unique advantage of a franchise is that it employs a model developed by the parent company in areas that range from car rentals to restaurants. The franchisee licenses the brand, as well as associated services and products, and the overall business model. In most cases the franchisee also receives exclusivity pertaining to a specific region or location. Franchises are ideal for entrepreneurs seeking turnkey solutions in which all of the guidelines, operations, support, and training are provided. 

However, there are certain trade-offs to owning a franchise. For instance, the franchise owner typically invests his or her own assets for supplies, equipment, property, and employees. In addition, strict rules must be followed encompassing services sold, suppliers used, and business methods. Lastly, because the business rights are being licensed from the franchisor, the entrepreneur does not have rights to the products, services, operation model, or brand name. 

Ultimately, despite its trade-offs, the franchise investment can be ideal for those who want to run their own business while also having access to the support and resources that a major company provides.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

A Trade Mission to Boost Vital Arizona-Mexico Economic Ties

Jason LeVecke is the managing director of BIIC Solutions, where he serves the strategic consulting needs of public- and private-sector clients in areas such as project management, marketing, and contract and lease negotiations. A leading figure in the business world, Jason LeVecke has received accolades such as the Developer of the Year Award and the Founder’s Award. 

In 2017, LeVecke represented the Arizona business community in ways that improved trans-border relationships. He served as part of a delegation that included nearly 70 entrepreneurial and political leaders who brought attention to the vital Arizona-Mexico relationship.

Traveling to Mexico City and Guanajuato, the group promoted stronger economic ties at a critical time when the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is being re-evaluated and brought a message of strong support for US-Mexico relations. 

The delegation was noteworthy for its bipartisan composition, with the Arizona House of Representatives standing firmly behind the trade mission. The effort was described as part of an advocacy push that will help to create a regular cross-border dialogue and trade delegations that sustain pro-growth policies and constructive relationships.